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Prof. Bernard Roth
Stanford University
California USA

February 16, 2004 at  4:30 PM
Zames Seminar Room - MC437

Engineering design requires process-based considerations to a degree that differentiates it from many other parts of engineering. This has led to the development of process-based design methodologies that are embodied in a concept called design thinking. This talk outlines some basic ideas in design thinking, and introduces some useful and easily applied techniques from design thinking that can be used for solving problems in one�s professional and personal life. This talk also discusses the importance of considering the process and not just the content when dealing with ones� education. Videos of several projects from Stanford University design courses and the IDEO design consultancy are used to illustrate these concepts.

Speaker details

Professor Bernard Roth has been a faculty member at Stanford University for over forty years. He teaches courses in design, kinematics, robotics and creativity. He is an active researcher who has over 200 publications in the engineering literature. In addition he is active as an industrial consultant, and as a board member for several corporations. He has received many awards for his teaching and research, and has held executive positions in several technical societies. He leads creativity workshops for students, faculty and engineers throughout the world, and currently holds honorary professorships in India and Japan.