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Robust Design of Mechanisms

Dr. Stéphane Caro < >
IRCC Ecole Centrale de Nantes

March 11, 2005 at  11:30 AM
Zames Seminar Room - MC437

The seminar deals with the robust design of mechanisms. Serial and parallel manipulators are studied.

The presentation is divided into four parts. The first part presents general properties of mechanisms, an overview of the state-of-the-art of robust design methods, and the formulation of a robust design problem.

The second part deals with the sensitivity analysis of the Orthoglide: a three degree-of-freedom translational parallel kinematic machine. This analysis allows us to determine the effects of variations in the design parameters on the pose of the end-effector. Therefore, we can simplify the tolerance synthesis for the dimensioning of the mechanism. This analysis also aims at finding the least restrictive configurations of the manipulator.

An optimal robustness index is introduced in the third part. Then, a tolerance synthesis method composed of two sequential steps is proposed. Several case studies illustrate the relevance of this method. Finally, a robustness study of generic and non-generic 3R manipulators is described.