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An Overview of the "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering" Sequence at Florida Tech

Prof. Pierre Larochelle < >
Florida Institute of Technology

November 13, 2002 at  10:30 AM

This seminar will provide an overview of the pedagogy and philosophy employed in the two-semester long freshman year "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering" sequence at the Florida Institute of Technology. The focus will be upon the philosophies behind the sequence as well as the goals which include: the teaching pedagogy; introduction to hardware (e.g. machine shop) and software (e.g. ProE) tools; student success skills; and, finally, introduction to and integration of design into the curriculum. Each University, College, and Department is unique and therefore, methods of implementation and realization must vary; nevertheless, it is hoped that the ideas presented will be of some value. Since the deployment of this sequence five years ago, the freshman retention rate has increased from a low of 82% to a high of 97% in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Florida Tech.