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Prof. Damien Chablat < >
Inst. de Recherche en Communications et Cybern�tique de Nantes

February 22, 2002 at  11:30 AM
MC 437

The Orthoglide Project aims at designing a new three-axis machine tool for high-speed machining. This machine features three fixed prismatic joints which are mounted on orthogonal direction and a mobile platform which moves in the Cartesian x-y-z space with fixed orientation. This basis was designed under isotropic and manipulability criteria that allowed the optmization of its architecture. Thus, several leg morphologies are convenient for the chosen mechanism. We explain the design process behind the Orthoglide. A static study is discussed to show how singular configurations of the legs can cause stiffness problems. The design optimization is conducted on the basis of a prescribed Cartesian workspace with prescribed kinetostatic performance. A small-scale prototype of the Orthoglide will be shown in the seminar.