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Development of the Nanyang Underwater Vehicle

Seet Gim Lee, Gerald < >
Robotics Research Centre Nanyang Technological University

February 27, 2002 at  11:30 AM
MC 437

The underwater robotic research programme was launched with a financial grant provided by British Gas Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and the Singapore Ministry of Education. The programme focuses on the development of an automated NDT system for submerged structures removing the need for divers to perform hazardous underwater procedures.

The programme has resulted in the development of a pilot control that can be used to drive a range of URVs as well as an off-line trainer for novice pilot. The system incorporates a vision based weld seam tracker, dextrous hybrid manipulator and a VR interface. The URV research group has core competency in controls, platform design, VR and other enabling technology for the development of customised solutions.