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On the Design of a Robotic Pitch-Roll Wrist

Dr. Shaoping Bai < >
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, CIM, McGill University

May 25, 2005 at  11:00 AM

The presentation will focus on the design of a novel robotic pitch-roll wrist. The wrist is a two-degree-of-freedom mechanism consisting of two roller-carriers (RCs) that drive a multi-lobe cam to produce roll and pitch motions. The pure rolling between cam and rollers helps reduce the friction. Moreover, the cam transmission was designed to work with low backlash and high stiffness. By virtue of its kinematics, the wrist exhibits favorable features, including a singularity-free unlimited workspace. Some potential applications of the wrist will also be discussed.

In the presentation, the speaker will also give an account of his previous research projects, including a robotic neuro-surgery system. The system,called NEUROBOT, was built with a parallel-kinematics machine (PKM) structure. The NEUROBOT aims to assist neuro-surgeons in drilling cavities on the skull base, to allow for accessing tumors deeply seated in brain areas. With such a system, the surgeons could significantly reduce operation time from current 5 to 8 hours to less than 2 hours.