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CIM's 20th Anniversary Seminar Series

Beyond the traditional image: depicting reality by merging multiple photographs and videos

Aseem Agarwala < >
Department of Computer Science and Engineering University of Washington

March 3, 2006 at  9:30 AM
Zames Seminar Room - MC437

Digital cameras, which replace film with a combination of a digital image sensor and a computer, have mostly been designed to mimic their analog antecedents. The flexibility and power of digital processing, however, offers the potential to move far beyond the capabilities of traditional cameras and produce much more expressive and communicative depictions of the world around us. One way to explore this potential is to capture multiple photographs and/or videos and combine them into enhanced depictions that are better than any of the originals; in this talk I will discuss several projects that take this approach.

The "photomontage" system is an interactive tool that partially automates the process of combining the best features of a stack of images. The "panoramic video texture" is a new medium that combines the benefits of panoramic photography and video to provide a more immersive depiction of a scene. Finally "multi-viewpoint panoramas" extend the medium of panoramic photography to incorporate information from multiple, shifted viewpoints in order to depict very long scenes such as the buildings along the side of a city street. I will conclude by discussing future directions for research in digital photography and video.