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Towards Patient-Specific Finite Element-based Surgical Simulation : Research Issues Relating to Visual Constitutive and Clinical Realism

Dr. Michel Audette
Surgical Assist Technology Group. AIST
Tsukuba Japan

February 21, 2005 at  2:00 PM
Zames Seminar Room - MC437

This presentation provides an understanding of some computational trade-offs in real-time biomechanical simulations of surgery, and
provides an overview of on-going research, on how these trade-offs are addressed. It also provides motivation for patient-specificity in
surgical simulation and describes image processing issues that need be addressed to achieve it in a minimally supervised manner, with an
emphasis on relevant current research. These issues include the accurate registration of MR and CT data, two modalities that provide
complementary information for resolving relevant tissues; a minimally supervised tissue classification method that recruits various
assumptions about global structure in order to solve a seemingly intractable problem in feature space; and model-based surface and
volume meshing where mesh size strategy is optimized for surgery simulation. Finally, I will evoke open research questions in
simulation, particularly those whose solution should have an impact on visual, constitutive and clinical realism