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CIM's 20th Anniversary Seminar Series

Demonstrations of Real-Time Control and Mechatronics Experiments

Erlisa Jorganxhi and Andrew Romhanyi
Quanser Inc.
Markham Ontario Canada

April 20, 2006 at  11:00 AM
Zames Seminar Room - MC437

This presentation will cover experiments varying from an introductory to controls such as Quanser Engineering Trainer to more complex and exiting experiments. The Quanser Engineering Trainer is a DC-Motor experiment that provides an ideal way to demonstrate the fundamentals of motor control, tuning and haptics using a wide range of control strategies. This versatile system can be controlled via analog, digital, embedded and computer control. We will also give an overview of our more advanced and specialty experiments and systems. These include, for example, the balancing of an inverted pendulum, the control of a flexible-link robot, and multi degree-of-freedom haptics systems. We will be demonstrating step by step how WinCon, our control software, allows the user to develop the controller, generate code and run the experiment. WinCon is fully compatible with Simulink and Realtime Workshop. It operates under all Windows-based Operating Systems and can be seamlessly integrated with Matlab/Simulink and LabView.